Why E-commerce is better during COVID-19

Before this pandemic started people from small towns preferred online shopping because of the less availability of stores in their town. Online shopping has its own merits and demerits. As I am one of the users of online shopping I can relate to this. After COVID-19 hit India the whole economy of our country came upside down.

All small and big companies faced tremendous damage due to lockdown and lack of resources. Many companies were forced to put half of their employees out of work to reduce their own expenses. All of this occurred around the world, but many companies have built their businesses with future problems in mind.

E-commerce flourished during this pandemic and also earned huge profits from this unexpected crisis.

E-commerce websites that are growing

According to the survey cosmetic and personal care sales increased by 6% and are still increasing every two months. Pharmaceutical product sales increased by 9% and Electronic goods sales increased by 10%. 

This pandemic made online purchases the only option for the consumers. Due to the increasing rate of cases, the government had no other option left except lockdown in the whole country until things got back to normal. 

 People started working from home and youngsters started getting bored staying at home. Boredom hits hard and people started searching for entertainment online such as online shopping, OTT platform, E-learning, and online gaming.

Online sales increased dramatically as people felt safe to buy online, compared to offline purchases. No physical contact is needed when buying online with guaranteed sanitized products. Most people are buying groceries and daily essentials. People started ordering food from their favorite restaurant.

Confinement made people more anxious, as many were trapped on their own and unable to return home. Consumption of the internet started increasing and people started watching movies and web series online for their entertainment. The use of social media platforms grew as people created trending and viral videos during their free time.

The students started their online classes and this was a different experience both for students as well as teachers. E-learning businesses earned huge profit as youngsters were unable to attend their college.

Users of online games also increased in this pandemic, young people were drawn to multiplayer games.

E-commerce is maintaining covid norms 

Online shopping is providing cashless delivery with online payment facilities. It promotes digital payment and people are now trusting and using online payment. Online delivery is providing full safety and no human contact guaranteed. The door-to-door delivery services promise to sanitize in every possible step so that people trust and order online. In this new era of social distancing home delivery service fully cooperated and followed the covid norm.

E-commerce flourished in this pandemic but there are also many companies such as automobile, real estate, hotels, entertainment, and traveling that struggled a lot in this pandemic. People are saving their money in this pandemic and spending on necessities so luxurious items are also purchased less.

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