OTT (Over-The-Top) platform is the NEXT big thing

Let me first introduce you to the meaning of the OTT (over the top) platform means any streaming service that offers content on the Internet. Moving on to the interesting part of it, OTT still means “over the top” which means excessive and exaggerated. It is not free of cost but less expensive compared to watching movies in the theater.

OTT platform in India

We Indians love drama and entertainment, so it’s no surprise that OTT platforms are thriving in the country.

Permanent Roommates is the first Web Series released in India in 2014, Permanent Roommates is an Indian romantic comedy web series produced by The Viral Fever Media Labs. Now Indian viewers are recognizing good scripts and not fooled by big sets and cars. 

OTT Platform performed during lockdown

People began subscribing to various OTT channels such as  Amazon Prime and Netflix during the lockdown last year when no films were released and serial casting was also halted. Animated films and movies for children were also in high demand during the lockdown.

Younger Indians prefer adventure and breathtaking shows compared to over-dramatic television serials. Young talents are also getting the opportunity to showcase their talent and creating an impact via web series.

What makes the OTT platform stand out?

This unexpected crisis was a turning point for Netflix and Amazon prime as big banner films had no other option than to release on these platforms after theaters were constrained during the lockdown. As opposed to going to the cinema, these platforms’ subscriptions were less expensive. People prefer to watch short episodes in their spare time than watch a three-hour film. The viewers’ attention is kept for a longer period of time.

As a result of the OTT network, film directors are now creating unique and interesting stories. 

People used to just watch love stories before web series came along and changed it.


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